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7 Old Forge
Barnsley Park
Barnsley, Cirencester
United Kingdom
registration BR014272
telephone:   +44 (0)1285 741130
fax:   +44 (0)1285 740110
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orders and information:   0800 157 7384
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orders and information:   +44 1285 741130
fax:   +44 1285 740110
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Sitting on the southern edge of the Cotswolds lies the pretty village of Barnsley and nearby Barnsley Park. This whole area is rich in history. Just to the north of the village are the remains of an Iron Age settlement and a 3rd century Roman Villa. The Saxons settled here in 577 and called it Bearmodeslea [Bearmod's Glade] and by the 13th century it was known as Barndesley. In the 14th century the Manor was given by Edward III to the Earl of Kent, and Henry VIII seemed to take a shine to the place as he gave it to each of his wives in turn! The Georgian Baroque mansion in the park was built in 1730 and contains some fine frescos and once housed the library of Sir Isaac Newton. There is also a conservatory and lodge designed by Nash. In the village is Barnsley House, built in 1697 by Brereton Bouchier in lovely local Cotswold stone. In the 1950's it became the home of garden designer and writer Rosemary Verey who created one of Britain's finest private gardens. In more recent years, the beautiful Georgian Baroque mansion of Barnsley Park has been used as a TV and film location for programmes such as Jeeves & Wooster and the 1995 version of Jane Austen's timeless novel 'Persuasion’ – an acclaimed film which won a BAFTA award for best costume design. Today the home of Planet Health International is within the grounds of Barnsley Park.